Mobile Robot using Fuzzy Logic

Show simple item record Fayas, U.L.M. Ekanayake, R.M.T.C.B. Wijesooriya, P.N. 2022-03-21T10:28:05Z 2022-03-21T10:28:05Z 2013
dc.description.abstract Fuzzy logic controllers have gained popularity in the past few decades with highly successful implementation in many fields. Fuzzy logic enables designers to control complex systems more a low-cost microcontroller-based tool for fuzzy logic controlled, line following mobile robot. educational Traditional methods to control any dynamic system require the use of some knowledge, or model, of the system to be controlled. An accurate model is crucial for the successful implementation of a control algorithm. Unfortunately, most systems in real life are nonlinear, highly complex, and too difficult or impossible to model accurately. Fuzzy logic is a mathematical system which helps to reduce the complexity of controlling nonlinear systems (pierreguillemin, 1996) (vamsimohanperi, 2002) (Nhivekaret et al., 2011). Fuzzy logic expresses operational laws of a control system in linguistic terms instead of the traditionally used mathematical equations. The linguistic terms are most often expressed in the form of logical expressions, such as IF_THEN (Nhivekaret et al., 2011). The line following robot presented here follows a black line drawn over white surface. When the curve path comes ahead the speed is reduced using fuzzy logic control algorithms. The inputs for the robot were obtained from infrared sensors mounted on the robot platform. These inputs were sent to a Microchip PIC16F877 microcontroller on the robot, which analyses the dataand provides the necessary control signal. A fuzzy logic controller is used to control the robot’s motion along the predefined path. The robot algorithm was first done in Matlab and the fuzzy logic rules were optimized for the results possible. Later the microcontroller was programmed in C language using a PIC C-compiler and tested (Nhivekar et al, 2011). Experimental results are presented to show the performance of the controller. en_US
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dc.publisher Uva Wellassa University of Sri Lanka en_US
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dc.subject Robotics en_US
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dc.title Mobile Robot using Fuzzy Logic en_US
dc.title.alternative Research Symposium 2013 en_US
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