Organizational Support and Intrapreneurship: A Study with reference to Software Development Industry in Sri Lanka

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dc.description.abstract Intrapreneurship is also known as corporate entrepreneurship and corporate venturing (Burgelman, 1983; Burgelman, 1984; MacMillan et al., 1986) and it is the practice of developing a new venture within an existing organization to exploit a new opportunity and create economic value (Pinchot, 1985). More specifically, this refers to both creation of new ventures within existing organizations and transformation of these organizations through innovation and strategic renewal. There are evidences that intrapreneurship helps managers to renew and revitalize their businesses, to innovate, and to enhance their overall business performance (Kuratko et al., 1990, Antoncic and Hisrich, 1990). Organizational support is of greater importance for intrapreneurship since the organizational supportive environment, as an internal climate factor is described as a facilitator for organizations to spur organizational entrepreneurial activities (Miller and Friesen, 1982). Previous researchers have found that the organizational support plays a major role for the accomplishment of intrapreneurship (Lutfihak et al., 2010). Large number of Sri Lankan patents has been secured by the software industry according to the Intellectual Property Rights Office in Sri Lanka. Further, Meyer (2003) argues that the software development sector has many entrepreneurial opportunities and they have exploited those entrepreneurial opportunities by using their employees’ ideas and by using the commitment of employees. Accordingly, the first objective was to assess the level of intrapreneurship and the level of organizational support for intrapreneurship in software development sector in Sri Lanka. Second objective was to identify whether there are differences of the level of intrapreneurship in terms of organizational support. Methodology The population of this study was software development firms which have got registered in Sri Lanka Association of Software Industry (SLASI). Further, there are 70 software companies which have got registered under SLASI and the aim was to study the whole population. However, only 42 firms responded making a response rate of 60%. Data was collected by using a structured questionnaire. In addition, Cronbach Alpha reliability test was employed to assess the validity of the questionnaire. Thus, organizational support was measured by using Corporate Entrepreneurship Assessment Instrument developed by Kuratko et al. (1990), which has shown reliability level of 0.88in the study context. The questionnaire items to measure intrapreneurship developed by the researcher have shown a reliability level of 0.89 confirming that these levels are exceeding the general acceptable level. Hence, it is suitable for the further processing. Data were analyzed using Kruskal Wallis test. Results and Discussion Mean values for the dimensions of main two variables namely, Organizational support and intrapreneurship can be summarized as follows (Figure 1, 2). Accordingly, it can be observed that mean value of the proactiveness level of the surveyed firms is at a higher level with compared to maximum level a firm can be proactive (Figure1). Further, innovativeness and new business venturing are at a relatively low level. Considering the mean value of level of organizational support, except management support (70.02), all other four dimensions are operating at a considerably lower level than the maximum level a firm can do. Rewarding or reinforcing (19.14) is at the highest low level out of the weak four dimensions mentioned above which can be graphically illustrated as follows (Figure2). According to the descriptive statistics, it was found that nearly 64.3% of the sample (27 firms) was accounting for low intrapreneurship level and the rest 35.7% of the sample (15 firms) showing a high level of intrapreneurship. en_US
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dc.title Organizational Support and Intrapreneurship: A Study with reference to Software Development Industry in Sri Lanka en_US
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