Performance evaluation of different broiler strains under environmental controlled broiler house in Sri Lanka

Show simple item record Abiramy, S. Tharangani, R.M.H. Chandana, S. 2022-01-07T05:52:43Z 2022-01-07T05:52:43Z 2015
dc.identifier.isbn 9789550481088
dc.description.abstract Broilers are bred and rose specifically for meat production. Hubbard breed is mainly used to produce meat in large scale farms. They are imported from Europe. CIC farm is one of the large scale farms in Sri Lanka and they are rearing two different strains; Hubbard Flex and F 15 under environmental controlled broiler house system. The aim of this study is to compare and find the best strain in assessment of body weight, growth rate, mortality and feed conversion ratio between Hubbard Flex and F 15. May to 14 June 2014. Five hundred day old broiler chicks (Hubbard Flex and F 15) from hatchery were used in the total experiment. Each (250 Flex + 250 F 15) were considered as two treatments. Each treatment was divided into 5 subgroups as replicates as fifty birds per each. Separation was made without including automated feeder line by using plastic boxes. Before placing, initial weight of the premium category birds were recorded and then adequate amount of feed was given separately. According to the space requirement feeders and waters were used to each separation. Unlimited feeding was done throughout the study period (42 days). All the birds were vaccinated through drinking water against Newcastle disease and Gumboro disease. Same conditions and feed were maintained for each group. day. Average weight gain and Feed Conversion Ratio (FCR) of bird was calculated during period of growing birds. Mortality, if any, during the rearing period was recorded. Feed intake was calculated as the difference between the amount of feed supplied and the amount of feed that remained at the end of each feeding period. Feed conversion (feed: gain ratio) was calculated as the ratio between feed intake and body weight gain every day. The experimental data were processed and analyzed using Microsoft Office Excel (2007) and Minitab16 software. Performances of two groups were compared using two sample t tests. Mean comparison was used to find the best strain in performance. en_US
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dc.publisher Uva Wellassa University of Sri Lanka en_US
dc.subject Animal Sciences en_US
dc.subject Veterinary Sciences en_US
dc.subject Meat Production en_US
dc.subject Meat en_US
dc.title Performance evaluation of different broiler strains under environmental controlled broiler house in Sri Lanka en_US
dc.title.alternative Research Symposium 2015 en_US
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