Producing a Grow Bag (Growing Medium) with a Mixture of Spent Mushroom Compost and Coir Dust

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dc.description.abstract Farmers of coconut cultivation areas use coir dust as a mulching material. The water holding capacity of the soil could be increased by 40% and the rate of losing moisture will also be slower when coir dust is incorporated in the soil (Joachim, 1929). Although, some attempts had been made to use coir dust as a fertilizer, its value as a fertilizer is reduced due to low Nitrogen, Calcium and Phosphorous value in the coir dust. Many experiments are continuing to find alternative uses for coil- dust. Exhaustive trials had proved that coir dust is an excellent rooting medium and their water retention property favours root growth (Agbo, 1997). Required nutrients for plant growth are absent in coco peat. Therefore, required nutrients are supplied artificially when coir dust is used as a growing -medium causing a high cost for .the farmers. Hence increment of the artificial fertilizer utility of the plant is very important. Physical properties and some chemical properties (Electrical Conductivity and pH) of the coir dust growing media are adjusted by blending coir dust, fiber and coconut husk chips. Using the coir dust and husk chips Bales, Grow bags, Planter bags, Discs and Briquettes are produced industrially in Sri Lanka to export as a rooting medium. Mushroom compost is a viable and useful by-product of mushroom farming. This growth media is a mixture of agricultural materials, such as straw, hay, poultry litter, guinea grass, gypsum, prawn meal, peat moss, and other natural organic substances. These products are formed into a rich organic media that serves as the nutrient source for mushroom. The integrated use of organic nutrients sources with inorganic fertilizer was shown to increase the potential of organic fertilizer (Heluf, 2002) and to improve the efficiency of inorganic fertilizer. Incorporation of chemical fertilizers in composted materials improves its efficiency and reduces losses (Guar and Geeta,. 1993). After the mushroom crop is__ harvested, this organic material is removed from the production house, where it is processed into a consistent homogeneous by-product called "spent mushroom compost." This study was carried out to enhance the artificial fertilizer utility of cultivated grow bags (coil' dust growing medium) by incorporating Spent Mushroom Compost (SMC). en_US
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dc.publisher Uva Wellassa University of Srilanka en_US
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dc.title Producing a Grow Bag (Growing Medium) with a Mixture of Spent Mushroom Compost and Coir Dust en_US
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