Development of Novel Composite Material Using Waste Polyethylene Incorporated with Calcium Carbonate Obtained from Sri Lankan Calcite

Show simple item record Navarathne, H.G. Senarathna, K.G.C. 2021-02-25T04:20:47Z 2021-02-25T04:20:47Z 2020
dc.identifier.isbn 9789550481293
dc.description.abstract Today, there is a great need for the reduction of polyethylene waste to reduce environmental pollution. The main objective of this study is to develop a novel composite material using waste polyethylene reinforced with calcite to make polyethylene/calcite composite. Calcite taken from the Lanka Mineral and Chemicals (Pvt) Ltd. is used as the reinforcement for the composite and low-density polyethylene obtained from waste shopping bags is used as the polymer matrix. Sample series of octadecanoic acid-coated calcite powder and unmodified calcite nanoparticles are used to synthesis the composite. The in-situ deposition is used to synthesize nanoparticles from raw calcite. Calcite is incorporated into low-density polyethylene with different ratios and properties are characterized to obtain the optimum strength. Calcite powder is characterized using particle size analyzer, X-ray diffractometer, and Fourier transforms infrared spectroscopy. The composite is characterized by tensile tests, compression tests, and differential scanning calorimetry tests. Calcite nanoparticles obtained 23.2×10-9 m of average particle size after In-situ deposition. Only the polymeric material acquired 64.57×106 N m-2 of tensile strength and 44.62×106 N m-2 of compressive strength. Tensile strength is increased up to 69.87×106 N m-2 , 78.98×106 N m-2 , 66.41×106 N m-2 and compressive strength is reached to 90.58×106 N m-2 , 102.28×106 N m-2 , 75.98×106 N m-2 when polyethylene combined with raw calcite powder, calcite nanoparticles, and surfacemodified calcite powder (5:3 of polyethylene/calcite ratio) respectively. It provides evidence that the low-density polyethylene with calcite reinforcement attained to better mechanical properties than only the polymeric material. Keywords: Low-density polyethylene, Nanoparticles, Surface modified, In-situ deposition en_US
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dc.publisher Uva Wellassa University of Sri Lanka en_US
dc.relation.ispartofseries ;International Research Conference
dc.subject Materials Sciences en_US
dc.subject Mineral Sciences en_US
dc.subject Pollution en_US
dc.title Development of Novel Composite Material Using Waste Polyethylene Incorporated with Calcium Carbonate Obtained from Sri Lankan Calcite en_US
dc.title.alternative International Research Conference 2020 en_US
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