A Study on Destination Attributes and Attraction of International Tourist in Ella Area

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dc.contributor.author Jayarathna, G.N.A.
dc.date.accessioned 2019-06-21T03:58:31Z
dc.date.available 2019-06-21T03:58:31Z
dc.date.issued 2016
dc.identifier.other UWU/HTE/12/0022
dc.identifier.uri http://erepo.lib.uwu.ac.lk/bitstream/handle/123456789/1238/UWULD%20HTE%2012%200O22-08042019102120.pdf?sequence=1&isAllowed=y
dc.description.abstract Sri Lankan tourism industry is rapidly growing after the war period. According to the Sri Lanka tourism development authority statistics, Sri Lanka reached highest tourist arrivals and it was about more than one million tourists in last five years. Sri Lanka is very g6od country for the tourism. Ella destination is very significant among tourists. The purpose of this study is to study on destination attributes and attraction of international tourist in Ella area. This study also examine the most effective attributes and current status of the attributes and how to affect these attributes in tourist satisfaction. Data was collected from 100 international tourists who travelled to Ella destination. Convenience sampling techniques used for data collection. The data was collected by using structured questionnaire. Descriptive statistics and regression were used to analyze the data with the support of SPSS 23 version.. The destination attributes of Ella, analysis of using quantitative data. The results also show that, the eight attributes revealed. different importance levels in influencing tourist's satisfaction. This study presents a clear picture of the destination attributes that attract international tourists to visit Ella destination. Some recoinmendations are proposed to the Ella destination to promoting tourism. programs of Ella destination. Develop the destination and consider these attribute and keep this attributes in good condition. In addition, destination has to engage global trends and new technologies to expand the potential tourist market and to reach the new tourist markets. en_US
dc.language.iso en en_US
dc.publisher Uva Wellassa University of Sri Lanka en_US
dc.subject Hospitality, tourism And Events Management Degree Programme en_US
dc.title A Study on Destination Attributes and Attraction of International Tourist in Ella Area en_US
dc.type Thesis en_US

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